Meaning of Gentleman

Caballero, of the Latin caballarĭus, is a person who goes on horseback or riding. Since, in ancient times, the person who rode a horse belonged to a certain social class, the concept acquired various connotations and meanings. In the Middle Ages, cavalry was an armed institution that served a king or feudal power. Knights, therefore, […]


Meaning of Easel

The notion of easel is a diminutive of horse. The first meaning that appears in the dictionary of the DigoPaul refers to the highest line, horizontally arranged, which is part of a roof. It is also called trestle to the borriqueta: the frame composed of an elongated element that is located horizontally on four legs […]


Meaning of Horse

A horse is a mammalian animal that is part of the equidae family. It is a perissodactyl: an ungulate being (uses the end of the fingers to support and walk) whose extremities have an odd number of toes ending in hoof and whose central finger has a greater development compared to the rest. According to […]


Meaning of Bourgeoisie

Human beings live in society. This concept, which comes from the Latin societas, is used to name the group formed by those people who share a territory, a culture, etc. Within a society, it is possible to notice various symbolic divisions, which separate individuals into layers or classes. The notion of bourgeoisie is used to […]


Meaning of Mockery

A tease is a comment or gesture that is intended to ridicule a person, an object, or a situation. According to the context and the geographic region, mockery can be considered as a synonym of joke, joke, joke or loaded. For example: “The teacher, when she noticed that Raúl was making fun of her, punished […]


Meaning of Burlesque

If we go to the dictionary of the DigoPaul, we will not find the word burlesque. The concept, however, is used in our language to refer to a work or show that is responsible for ridiculing a certain topic. Emerged as a literary subgenre, today the burlesque is associated with variety theater. These are parodic […]


Meaning of Burnout

Burnout is a term that is not part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul, but is frequently used in our language to refer to a syndrome linked to stress. The burnout syndrome or burn syndrome, therefore, appears when a person is periodically subjected to stressful situations. Usually the idea is used with respect to the […]


Meaning of Bureaucracy

The term bureaucracy comes from the French bureaucratie, whose root is bureau (“office”). The concept allows to name the organization that is regulated by rules that seek a rational order in the management and distribution of its affairs. In addition to the above, it is interesting to establish that there is a Theory of Bureaucracy. […]


Meaning of Cavalry

According to DigoPaul, cavalry is a concept with several uses, usually linked to the horse. The most frequent meaning is linked to the strength of an army made up of combatants mounted on this animal. It is possible to establish a division between heavy cavalry and light cavalry. The heavy cavalry had the function of […]


Meaning of Diver

It called diver to the individual who, thanks to having a special equipment, can perform various tasks under the water. Divers use a particular clothing that allows them to move comfortably in the water and resist low temperatures. They also have equipment to be able to breathe underwater. According to DigoPaul, today divers wear scuba […]


Meaning of Butane

It is known as butane to a hydrocarbon which can be used as fuel. This gas has a chained series of 4 carbon atoms that combine with hydrogen. The main properties of butane are reflected in the term itself. The compositional element but– refers to the bonding of the aforementioned 4 carbon atoms, while the […]


Meaning of Seat

An armchair is a kind of chair. This type of furniture has a design that allows the user to support their arms and with a backrest that has a certain inclination. Unlike other furniture with armrests, the armchair is not too wide. The most common use of the term is linked to movie theaters or […]

Acoustic Insulation

Meaning of Acoustic Insulation

An insulator is what it manages to isolate: that is, it manages to make an element stand out or to prevent the passage of electricity, heat or something else. According to DigoPaul, acoustic, meanwhile, can be linked to the branch of physics focused on the generation, propagation and reception of sounds. All these ideas help […]


Meaning of Wormwood

A Greek word came to Latin as absinthĭum and then to our language as absinthe. It identifies a plant whose scientific name is Artemisia absinthium, which is used to make alcoholic beverages and medicines. Absinthe belongs to the group of herbaceous and perennial plants. It usually reaches a height of one meter, with greenish leaves, […]


Meaning of Trousseau

The first thing we are going to do now is to know the etymological origin of the word trousseau that concerns us. In this sense, it must be stated that it derives from the Andalusian Arabic “as-sawar”, which, in turn, comes from the classical Arabic “suwar”, which is equivalent to “household goods”. According to DigoPaul, […]

Thermal Insulator

Meaning of Thermal Insulator

The insulating adjective is used to describe what it isolates. The verb isolate, on the other hand, is linked to what prevents the passage of sound, electricity or something else, or to what makes something separate from other elements. According to DigoPaul, thermal, on the other hand, is an adjective that is linked to temperature […]


Meaning of Smoked

The term smoked comes from the verb ahumar: to make something contact smoke. It is a technique that is applied to food to give it a distinctive flavor and to facilitate its preservation. The concept of smoking, in this framework, can refer to this technique for smoking or be used as an adjective to describe […]


Meaning of Saving

Saving is the action of saving (saving money for the future, reserving part of the ordinary expense or avoiding a major expense or consumption) and the thing that is saved. According to DigoPaul, saving, therefore, is the difference between disposable income and expenditure incurred. For example: “If we want to buy a car, we have […]


Meaning of Isolation

The first thing we have to make clear is that isolation is a term that has its origin in Latin. Specifically, we can affirm that it is the result of the sum of three clearly defined components: • The prefix “ad-“, which can be translated as “towards”. • The noun “insula”, which is synonymous with […]


Meaning of Insulator

Insulation is something that insulates. The verb isolate, on the other hand, is linked to preventing the passage or transmission of sound, heat, etc .; leave something separate from other things; remove a subject from dealing with others; or abstract the immediate reality of the senses or the mind. Within the scope of language, the […]


Meaning of Hustle

Hustle is the act and result of hustle. This verb can refer to getting tired from an intense activity, which does not offer pause, or to being upset by a multiplicity of obligations to fulfill. For example: “The new job imposes a lot of hustle on me, but I am happy because I had always […]


Meaning of Hole

A hole is a round or similar crack that can be found in different things. It is a hole or a perforation that implies a rupture, or a depression of the continuity of a surface. For example: “I can’t wear this pants again: I just realized that it has a hole in the crotch”, “To […]


Meaning of Garlic

Garlic is a concept that derives from alĭum, a Latin word. The term refers to a plant whose bulb is used as food. By extension, garlic is called the parts (known as teeth) in which said bulb is divided. For example: “I always add garlic and oregano to the tomato sauce to give it more […]

Electrical Insulator

Meaning of Electrical Insulator

The notion of electrical insulator, as is evident, is made up of two words: insulator and electrical. To know what an electrical insulator is, therefore, we first need to know what these two terms refer to. An insulator is something that manages to isolate (it makes an element stand apart from others; or it prevents […]


Meaning of Eagerness

The first thing that we are going to do before entering fully into the meaning of the term eagerness is to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word that comes from Latin and that it is the fruit of the sum of two different parts: -The verbal […]


Meaning of Delve

According to DigoPaul, the verb delve refers to making something deeper (that is, deeper or lower than the environment). The notion can be used in a physical or symbolic sense. For example: “Quick, we have to dig the trenches before the enemy arrives!” , “The victim’s son asked to deepen the investigation to discover the […]

Chili Pepper

Meaning of Chili Pepper

Confusions often arise when trying to name the fruits of plants that belong to the Capsicum genus. According to the region, we can find references to chili, pepper, chili or bell peppers: in all cases, the idea refers to the same fruit. In the specific case of the term ají, it comes from the Taíno […]


Meaning of Chess

According to DigoPaul, the Chess is a game that takes place on a board and faces two people. Each player has sixteen pieces that he can move, respecting certain rules, on the board that is divided into sixty-four squares, known as squares. These pieces are a king, a queen, two towers, two horses, two bishops, […]


Meaning of Alien

According to DigoPaul, the adjective alien derives from the Latin word aliēnus, which, in turn, comes from alĭus (a term that can be translated as “other”). The alien is that which belongs to another individual or that results from different characteristics from their own. For example: “When I was little, my mother taught me that […]


Meaning of Ajax

According to DigoPaul, the term ajax has multiple uses, although it is not part of the dictionary prepared by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). This could be, for example, the name of a famous Dutch soccer team. The Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax, which is usually named Ajax, was founded in 1900. The team competes in […]