Down syndrome
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What does the abbreviation DS stand for?

According to abbreviationfinder, DS stands for Down syndrome (trisomy 21). The Down syndrome or trisomy 21 is not a disease in the traditional sense. It is more likely to be viewed as a congenital chromosomal disorder or a chromosomal change. Unfortunately, Down syndrome can neither be prevented nor can this “disease” be cured. Those affected and […]

Dermotrichia Syndrome
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What does the abbreviation Dermotrichia Syndrome stand for?

When Dermot Richie’s syndrome is a disease that has the genetic usually causes. The affected patients consequently suffer from dermatrichia syndrome from birth. Observations to date show that the disease only occurs with low frequency in people on average. Dermotrichia syndrome is essentially characterized by three typical symptoms. These are alopecia, ichthyosis, and photophobia. What […]

Computer game addiction
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What does the abbreviation CGA stand for?

CGA stands for Computer game addiction. In the computer game addiction is a mental illness. It is based on a distorted perception of reality and expresses itself in an escape into the virtual dream world. Because only here can sufferers realize their dreams, are invulnerable and combine attributes that they do not have in normal […]

DeSanctis-Cacchione Syndrome
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What does the abbreviation DCS stand for?

DCS stands for DeSanctis-Cacchione Syndrome. The DeSanctis-Cacchione syndrome as a hereditary neurocutaneous syndrome is characterized by a combination of strong photosensitivity and neurological deficits. It is an increasingly progressive disease that leads to premature death. The therapy consists of lifelong avoidance of sunlight. What is DeSanctis-Cacchione Syndrome? The DeSanctis-Cacchione syndrome is a special form of Xeroderma […]

Budd-Chiari syndrome
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What does the abbreviation BCS stand for?

When Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) is a closure of laxative large hepatic vein. If left untreated, BCS is extremely painful and leads to liver failure. BCS is very rare, with several small hepatic veins occluded more often. However, the BCS is strictly differentiated from this finding. What is Budd-Chiari Syndrome? The Budd-Chiari Syndrome (BCS according to […]

Cholesterol ester storage disease
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What does the abbreviation CESD stand for?

CESD stands for Cholesterol ester storage disease. The Cholerstinester storage disease is a lysosomal storage disease and congenital metabolic disease with a genetic basis. The disease is hereditary and is caused by a genetic mutation in the genes coding for lysosomal acid lipase. The symptomatic treatment of the patient takes place conservatively with medication or through […]

What does the abbreviation Bazex Syndrome stand for
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What does the abbreviation Bazex Syndrome stand for?

When bazex syndrome is a disease of the skin. Bazex syndrome occurs rarely and is one of the paraneoplastic diseases associated with cornification disorders (medical term acrokeratosis). Bazex syndrome occurs in connection with carcinomas that are localized in the area of ​​the upper respiratory tract and the esophagus. Bazex syndrome can also develop with cervical […]

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
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What does the abbreviation ALS stand for?

The amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a nerve disorder that causes gradual immobility and paralysis of the muscles. The disease is progressive and incurable. However, supportive therapies can slow down the course and influence it favorably. What is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a chronic disease of the nervous system in the […]

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What does the abbreviation ALD stand for?

As adrenoleukodystrophy , a rare inherited metabolic disorder is called. It causes various neurological complaints. What is adrenoleucodystrophy? Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is also known as Addison-Schilder syndrome in medicine. It shows up in childhood and is counted among the hereditary diseases. Adrenoleukodystrophy ( ALD ) is also known as Addison-Schilder syndrome in medicine . It shows […]

What does the abbreviation ACS stand for
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What does the abbreviation ACS stand for?

The term acute coronary syndrome ( ACS for short ) describes various cardiovascular diseases that are very similar in their symptoms and therefore not always directly distinguishable. All diseases are caused by an occlusion or narrowing of the coronary arteries. What are the characteristics of acute coronary syndrome? The cardiovascular diseases of acute coronary syndrome […]

What does the abbreviation APM stand for
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What does the abbreviation APM stand for?

What is APM? Application Performance Monitoring, or APM for short, describes the use of various metrics to ensure performance monitoring for more complex software. The goal is productivity, faster performance and a better user experience. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a method of performance monitoring . Developers can thus ensure that software remains efficient without users ever having to come into […]

Negative Equity

Meaning of Negative Equity

As an entrepreneur, you must strive to keep your company in the black. Only if you can make a profit is it possible to operate permanently in the market. Writing in the black means that you are not creating negative equity in your company . But what exactly does negative equity mean, what can you […]

Goodwill 2

Meaning of Goodwill 2

What are the advantages and disadvantages of goodwill? Goodwill should never only benefit your customer. There are, however, certain cases in which the granting of the grant results in advantages and disadvantages. advantages disadvantage With goodwill you can bind customers to your company and thus do additional advertising. Many customers see goodwill as a matter […]


Meaning of Goodwill

Depending on the industry, it is not always easy for many entrepreneurs. It is important to pay attention to the product life cycles, which have shortened significantly over the years, as well as to the rapidly changing consumer trends. In this context, factors such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty play an important role for […]

Meaning of Vocation

Meaning of Vocation

The origin of the word vocation It comes from the Latin verb “vocare”, which means “to call”. The vocation is, therefore, a call. In the religious sphere, vocation is always a call from God for something. The called person feels impelled, attracted to what he is justly called to do. It is common to hear […]


Meaning of Society

You are part of a complex society. The company is the interconnection between individuals, which depend on each other in the execution of their duties. In this definition, the relationships established between them are valid, such as coexistence and the way in which they demonstrate their ideas, needs, feelings, dreams, interests. Society is a part […]

Common Sense

Meaning of Common Sense

What is common sense Common sense is the first form of knowledge practiced by man, from the moment he started to live in groups. It is a characteristic common to human societies and only to this species, which does not depend only on its instinct to survive. This knowledge is manifested through our personal and […]

Ocean Currents

Meaning of Ocean Currents

Sea currents are portions of water that move driven by various factors that interrelate, forming true “rivers” within the oceans . They are formed due to differences in temperature and salinity of the water, underwater relief and variations in atmospheric pressure and their influences on the displacement of air masses and winds. They have a […]

Input Tax

Meaning of Input Tax

The sales tax that is billed to the company when purchasing products, services or other supplies is the tax referred to as input tax. A company can offset the sales tax invoiced against the sales tax that it has to levy on its services or deliveries – this is then the input tax deduction. This […]

Advance VAT Return 2

Meaning of Advance VAT Return Part 2

How can the pre-registration be submitted? Since 01/01/2015, advance VAT returns have to be sent electronically to the responsible tax office. To do this, the electronic Elster system is required to create the pre-registration. However, it should be noted that a late submission of advance notifications results in late surcharges being set by the tax […]

Advance VAT Return 1

Meaning of Advance VAT Return

As an entrepreneur, the regular registration of the tax collected serves in particular to reduce payment defaults or payment difficulties of the entrepreneur. The so-called sales tax advance notification is intended to show the tax office how much sales tax a company has received monthly or quarterly and therefore has to be paid to the […]

Intra-Community Acquisition

Meaning of Intra-Community Acquisition

Within the European Community, the exchange of goods between companies should be possible without major hindrances. Therefore, the member states of the EU agreed on special regulations for the taxation of sales. The German VAT Act (UStG) defines that an intra-Community acquisition is subject to German VAT. According to Paragraph 1a (2) of the UStG, […]

Travel Expenses

Meaning of Travel Expenses

Anyone who travels a lot as an entrepreneur usually also incurs travel expenses. But the question often arises as to how this travel expense report is created correctly so that there are no annoying additional payments in the event of a tax audit. Creating a travel expense report is not as easy as some people […]

Actual Taxation

Meaning of Actual Taxation

The concept of actual taxation comes from the Value Added Tax Act (UStG). In § 20 tax is regulated who can direct his taxes pursuant received considerations. Companies have to pass on the sales tax that they invoice and thus get paid by their customers to the tax office. The sales tax must be registered […]

Income Tax 4

Meaning of Income Tax Part 4

Income tax assessment After checking and calculating the tax return, the income tax assessment will be issued , which provides for an additional payment, reimbursement or repayment. Objections to this decision can be made within one month , whereby the objection does not release guilt! This means that any additional payment must be made despite […]

Income Tax 1

Meaning of Income Tax Part 1

Every year, the income tax return is due, which some taxpayers do themselves, others place the order for the preparation of the return in the hands of a tax advisor, as do business people and the self-employed . But what is the income tax and what there is for income tax return knowing? Definition: what […]

Income Tax 3

Meaning of Income Tax Part 3

Negative income tax Indeed, negative income tax can arise when deductions and expenses exceed income. In this case, the Income Tax Act provides three options in Section 10 d EStG : • Horizontal loss compensation , ie offsetting against income of the same type of income. • Vertical loss compensation , which means offsetting against […]

Income Tax 2

Meaning of Income Tax Part 2

Income tax exemption – non-taxable income As a taxpayer, you can possibly be completely exempt from tax liability . But this is only possible if the total income is below the tax-free subsistence level. This can be requested from the responsible tax office. In most cases, it is sufficient to list all income as well […]


Meaning of T Account Part 2

T accounts: principles There are three principles that you should internalize about T-accounts. The logic of this principle is based on three pillars: T account: applies to at least two accounts There is at least one debit and one credit posting The posting record is always debit to credit Principle 1: Always affects at least […]

Transaction Account 1

Meaning of T Account Part 1

A T account is a simplified version of an account with two columns. Which allows him to double-entry bookkeeping represent simplified. T account: A common method Transactions generally have an impact on the items on the balance sheet . In every company, so-called business cases are dealt with every day. In order not to lose […]