Balance Sheet

Meaning of Balance Sheet

A balance sheet has to be drawn up in the accounting department of companies on a certain key date . It is a bilateral calculation that shows assets on one side and capital on the other. On the left side of the balance sheet are the assets as information about the use of funds and […]

Accounting 4

Meaning of Accounting Part 4

Does the type of taxation affect the accounting obligation? Anyone who has to pay taxes must also keep accounts. However, the company has the choice between target taxation and actual taxation . Respectively, every company is fundamentally obliged to pay target taxation, but can make actual taxation on request. The difference between the two tax […]

Accounting 1

Meaning of Accounting Part 1

Merchants are obliged to keep accounts. The accounting obligation is laid down and regulated in the Commercial Code (HGB). The obligation to keep books depends on the legal form. It also depends on whether a self-employed person or a company is considered a businessman. This criterion ultimately decides on the accounting obligation. Definition of accounting […]

Accounting 3

Meaning of Accounting Part 3

Merchants who are obliged to keep accounts According to § 238 I HGB, all merchants are obliged to keep accounts. Therefore the merchant status is the decisive point for the obligation to keep accounts. According to Section 1 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), anyone who operates a trade is a merchant, or more precisely […]

Accounting 2

Meaning of Accounting Part 2

Accounting according to tax law In tax law, the accounting obligation is used solely to determine the tax burden. Accounting often has to be more complex in tax law than in commercial law. The accounting also helps to determine income and property taxes. For companies that are already obliged to keep accounts under the Commercial […]


Meaning of Commitment Interest

If credit institutions provide a loan that the borrower does not use or does not use immediately, commitment interest is charged. This type of loan is common in mortgage lending. If borrowers do not call up the entire loan amount immediately, banks can charge interest on the remaining amount that has not yet been paid […]


Meaning of Pre-construction Request

With a preliminary building request, builders can check whether they are allowed to implement a building project according to their ideas. This is particularly useful if there is no development plan for the property. With the help of a preliminary building request, you can clarify whether you can receive a later building permit for a […]


Meaning of Site Electricity

If you are planning to build your own home or want to renovate a property, you need electricity for electrically operated construction equipment, tools and lighting. Construction site electricity is the ideal solution here. So that the electricity flows on time for the start of construction, it is advisable to submit a corresponding application in […]


Meaning of Building Specification

During the construction phase, specifications and plans are everything. However, if the latter is not available or is not communicated specifically enough, this can lead to cost overruns or delays in the construction project. This is not only bad for the client, it also has a negative effect on the construction company. The solution: a […]


Meaning of Barrier-Free

Barrier-free living enables people with physical limitations to lead a self-determined life. So that people with restricted mobility can cope with their everyday life on their own, their living space must meet special requirements. Typical examples for furnishing a handicapped accessible apartment are a stair lift or wheelchair ramps. According to a study, just two […]


Meaning of Expansion

The extension (short for interior construction) describes all building measures that arise in the course of the house construction after the shell work. It usually takes around three, sometimes even more, months for the various trades to finish their work. However, the term is also used in other contexts. An extension includes all work that […]


Meaning of Mockery

A tease is a comment or gesture that is intended to ridicule a person, an object, or a situation. According to the context and the geographic region, mockery can be considered as a synonym of joke, joke, joke or loaded. For example: “The teacher, when she noticed that Raúl was making fun of her, punished […]


Meaning of Bourgeoisie

Human beings live in society. This concept, which comes from the Latin societas, is used to name the group formed by those people who share a territory, a culture, etc. Within a society, it is possible to notice various symbolic divisions, which separate individuals into layers or classes. The notion of bourgeoisie is used to […]


Meaning of Bureaucracy

The term bureaucracy comes from the French bureaucratie, whose root is bureau (“office”). The concept allows to name the organization that is regulated by rules that seek a rational order in the management and distribution of its affairs. In addition to the above, it is interesting to establish that there is a Theory of Bureaucracy. […]


Meaning of Cabal

Important to understand the meaning of the word cabal is to proceed to determine its etymological origin. In doing so we discover that it emanates from Latin and more precisely from the word “caput”, which can be translated as “head”. According to DigoPaul, cabal is something adjusted to a weight or a measure. The term […]


Meaning of Bureau

Bureau is a French word that cannot be found in the RAE dictionary. The accepted term in our language that has as its etymological origin the aforementioned French word is bureau. According to DigoPaul, the idea of ​​bureau is often used to name the body in charge of directing a political or other group. The […]


Meaning of Search

Search is the action of searching. This verb allows to name the action of doing something to find someone or something, doing what is necessary to achieve a goal, going for a person to take them somewhere or provoke certain reactions in them. For example: “The search for the woman who disappeared a month ago […]


Meaning of Coarse

According to DigoPaul, the etymology of the term coarse is doubtful, although it is believed that it comes from the late Latin word burdus (which translates as “bastard”). Burdo is an adjective that refers to that or that which is rude, uneducated, clumsy or gross. For example: “The project presented by the ruling party is […]


Meaning of Gentleman

Caballero, of the Latin caballarĭus, is a person who goes on horseback or riding. Since, in ancient times, the person who rode a horse belonged to a certain social class, the concept acquired various connotations and meanings. In the Middle Ages, cavalry was an armed institution that served a king or feudal power. Knights, therefore, […]


Meaning of Brothel

The concept of brothel could come from the Occitan Bordel or the Catalan Bordel. The term refers to the site destined to the exercise of prostitution. For example: “The singer spent thousands of dollars in a brothel”, “Neighbors held a protest about the riots that usually occur in a brothel located in front of a […]


Meaning of Bubble

Before entering fully into the definition of the term bubble, it is necessary to know, first of all, what its etymological origin is. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin. Exactly comes from “bulbullia”, which is a repetition of “bulla”, which can be translated as “bubble” and […]


Meaning of Seeker

Seeker is that or what you are looking for. The verb search, on the other hand, indicates the action of doing something to find someone or something or doing what is necessary to obtain something. For example: “The writer defined himself as a seeker of certainties in the midst of a sea of ​​uncertainties”, “The […]


Meaning of Ship

A ship is a type of vessel. The term has its origin in the French buc, which translates as “helmet”. These boats have the necessary structure to develop extensive trips. Ships, therefore, are vessels that have a wide deck, are strong, have good stability and can navigate at high speed. This allows them to undertake […]


Meaning of Bunker

Bunker is an English term that, in its original sense, referred to the deposit of coal present in a boat. In the German language, the concept began to be used to name the place that provides protection against attack. This last meaning is the one that the Castilian gathers in the word bunker. We understand […]


Meaning of Bus

Bus is the colloquial or informal name of bus. This term is used to name a means of transport that can carry numerous passengers simultaneously and that performs a fixed route. In some countries, the bus or bus is known as ómnibus, micro, colectivo or guagua. For example: “Do you know where the bus that […]


Meaning of Bungalow

Determining the etymological origin of the term bungalow leads us to make it clear that it is an Anglo-Hindu word. And it is the result of “bangala”, a word from the Hindi language that means “house in the style of Bengal”, which was used by English, adapting it, until giving shape to the word that […]


Meaning of Horse

A horse is a mammalian animal that is part of the equidae family. It is a perissodactyl: an ungulate being (uses the end of the fingers to support and walk) whose extremities have an odd number of toes ending in hoof and whose central finger has a greater development compared to the rest. According to […]


Meaning of Boomerang

Although its accentuation may be strange in some countries, the correct writing and adaptation of the English term boomerang to our language is boomerang. This concept, whose most distant origin is found in the Australian aboriginal languages, is used to name a type of weapon with a curved shape that, when thrown with precision, returns […]


Meaning of Burnout

Burnout is a term that is not part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul, but is frequently used in our language to refer to a syndrome linked to stress. The burnout syndrome or burn syndrome, therefore, appears when a person is periodically subjected to stressful situations. Usually the idea is used with respect to the […]


Meaning of Bullying

Bullying is an Anglicism that is not part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul, but whose use is increasingly common in our language. The concept refers to bullying and all forms of physical, verbal or psychological abuse that occurs between schoolchildren, repeatedly and over time. According to DigoPaul, the bullying usually take place in the […]