Meaning of Air

The first thing we have to do in order to thoroughly analyze the term air that we are dealing with now is to determine its etymological origin. In this case, we would have to emphasize that it emanates from a Latin word, which also comes from the Greek word ero, which can be translated as “up” or “lift”.

According to DigoPaul, the air is the gaseous mixture forming the earth ‘s atmosphere. Beyond the water vapor that appears in different proportions, this fluid is made up of 78 parts of nitrogen, 21 parts of oxygen and one part of argon and other similar gases, along with a few hundredths of carbon dioxide.

The term is used, by extension, to name the atmosphere in general and the wind. For example: “A very dense smoke darkened the air and prevented seeing beyond the nose”, “A factory was denounced for contaminating the town air with its industrial activity”, “The pilot flew through the air after the crash and ended hitting the pavement ”, “ I’m going to close the door because a draft is coming in and it’s cold ”.

Aire also allows us to name the similarity or similarity between people or things: “That man has an air to Uncle Luis”, “The new album by the band has an air to the productions of the ’70s”.

Within the musical field the term air is also used. In your case, it is used to refer to the slowness with which the interpretation of a composition is carried out.

Precisely within this field we would have to underline the existence of a song titled “Aire” and which has become one of the most important of all the prestigious group Mecano released on the market. In 1984 it was specifically when this composition was published, made by José María Cano, which is part of the pop genre.

The story that this song tells us is that of a person who is trapped in the world of drugs and who will finally be so hooked on them that he will not find a way out to return to his normal life. Therefore, she will make the decision to commit suicide.

However, there is also another Spanish composition entitled “Aire” which, likewise, became a great success during the 1980s. In this case, it, characterized by its danceable style, it was interpreted by the singer Paco Marín, who with it achieved great success also in Latin America.

The concept, on the other hand, names someone’s appearance, style or vanity: “The beach got a new air thanks to the sanitation works”, “I don’t know who it is believed to be: it looks like a queen and you need help paying the rent. ”

In colloquial language, an air can be a momentary and temporary paralysis: “He gave me an air in my back and I stayed hard”, “I think I will not be able to go play soccer this afternoon because it gave me an air and it is difficult for me to walk “.

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