Meaning of Brothel

The concept of brothel could come from the Occitan Bordel or the Catalan Bordel. The term refers to the site destined to the exercise of prostitution. For example: “The singer spent thousands of dollars in a brothel”, “Neighbors held a protest about the riots that usually occur in a brothel located in front of a school”, “I always felt sorry for women who have to work in a brothel ”.

According to DigoPaul, brothel is synonymous with brothel, brothel and mancebía, all notions that refer to establishments that provide sexual services through prostitutes (that is, women who charge to maintain intimate relationships). It should be noted that in many countries brothels are prohibited by law.

For many years, brothels were the most common places where a person went to hire the services of a prostitute. With the rise of the Internet, websites emerged that establish direct contact between the prostitute and the client, eliminating the need to wait in a physical space. Also, due to legal problems, the brothels gave rise to private apartments (apartments) that house prostitutes during their working hours.

Before these changes, brothels used to consist of a bar and a set of rooms. The bar functioned as a reception for customers and as a waiting place. Once the client chose the prostitute after observing her with little clothing and agreed on the service she wanted to receive, both of them went to the rooms to maintain relations. These brothels were generally run by women known as madamas or matrons, or by men who economically exploited prostitutes (pimps).

It is very important to distinguish between the different classes of organizations through which prostitution operates. On the one hand we have the mafia groups that kidnap and exploit people, depriving them of their freedom and forcing them to have sexual relations, in addition to other generally illegal activities. However, there are brothels in which people decide to work without being pressured by anyone and may even turn away customers who do not seem trustworthy.

For some women, working in a brothel is a lifestyle that has its benefits, and one that is much less unpleasant or dangerous than most think. First of all, while sex is taboo for many people, others consider it a natural part of life, wanting to celebrate as often as possible without worrying about what they will say; For them, sleeping with more than a dozen clients throughout a working night is far from being an unworthy activity, especially when payday arrives.

Prostitutes who work in medium or high-class brothels can earn a good amount of money per month, without the ties and dangers associated with pimps. Also, if they consider that a potential client is aggressive, arrogant or too drunk, they are free to reject it. All of this does not mean it is the job of the millennium, as it has several negative aspects.

In the first place is the rejection of society; Not only is prostitution illegal in many countries, but for most people it is a despicable and risky activity. On the other hand, having forced sex so many times a week with strangers is not comparable to the intimacy that can be achieved with our “other half”, that which arises from falling in love or from love, which occurs spontaneously. In addition to the latter, it is not very easy for a prostitute to find a partner, someone who understands and accepts her work.