Meaning of Bureau

Bureau is a French word that cannot be found in the RAE dictionary. The accepted term in our language that has as its etymological origin the aforementioned French word is bureau.

According to DigoPaul, the idea of ​​bureau is often used to name the body in charge of directing a political or other group. The most frequent use of the word is within the realm of communism.

A political bureau, political bureau or politburo, therefore, is the agency responsible for the administration and decision-making in a Communist Party (PC). This notion is also used to name the body whose members elect the Central Committee of the CP and are in charge of directing a nation under a socialist regime.

An example of a political bureau in force today is that of the CP of China. Its members are the highest ranking officials within the State Council, which means that its decisions involve the Chinese government in general.

Other bodies outside of communism are also known as bureau. That is the case with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI, a government agency of the United States.

Buró, on the other hand, is the name of a type of furniture that is used for writing tasks. In Mexico, known as bureau to what in other countries is called table light or bedside table.

Bureau, finally, is the name of a county in Illinois (United States) and the surname of a French expert in biology and medicine who lived between 1830 and 1918 (Louis Édouard Bureau).

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI, whose name in Spanish is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is the most important crime investigation branch of the North American Department of Justice. Its headquarters are in the District of Columbia (also known as Washington DC or simply as the capital of the United States of America) although there are more than 50 offices throughout the country, located in large cities.

On the other hand, the FBI branches out through more than 400 agencies located in North American cities and towns, but it also has an international presence thanks to its Legal Diplomacies, offices located in North American embassies in various parts of the world.

The importance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation lies not only in its jurisdiction, which makes it the strongest federal law enforcement agency on the planet by allowing it to investigate more than 200 categories of crimes, but can also be seen in its prominence in internationally acclaimed films and series: The United States does not miss the opportunity to mention the FBI in its productions of the entertainment world, and to show it as the absolute authority, to the point of generating the sensation in people of various countries of being an omnipresent force.

Its creation dates from 1908, when the attorney general Charles Bonaparte requested that nine detectives, twelve accountants and thirteen investigators be hired, with the purpose of delving into civil rights issues, cases of violations of commercial laws and fraud, something that even At that time, it was part of the Secret Service’s tasks and did not report directly to the prosecution, thus hindering the investigation.

This group, which would become the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had jurisdiction at the national level that was not limited to the states of the Union, something that at that time was considered a great controversy due to the federal nature of the constitution of North America. Various factors of the social and political reality of the time made it possible for this police entity to receive the necessary support to see the light of day.