Meaning of Butane

It is known as butane to a hydrocarbon which can be used as fuel. This gas has a chained series of 4 carbon atoms that combine with hydrogen.

The main properties of butane are reflected in the term itself. The compositional element but– refers to the bonding of the aforementioned 4 carbon atoms, while the suffix –ano reveals that these carbons are linked by a single bond.

According to DigoPaul, butane is usually pressurized or cooled to less than 1 ° C so that it can be stored as a liquid in tubes or cylinders that are marketed as a fuel source. However, since its storage and transport involve various complications, its use is somewhat limited. It should be noted that butane sold for residential use usually includes a combination of this hydrocarbon with ethane, isobutane and propane.

As a domestic fuel, therefore, its use is usually limited to cooking or heating water.

It must be stated that in many homes in the world, such as, for example, in cities in Spain, butane is used as a means of air conditioning. Thus, this is the “motor” of the typical braziers that are placed under the table and that, with the help of some “enagüillas”, shape what is called stretcher tables. These are identified by offering a very pleasant warmth while sitting.

This butane reaches homes in the form of cylinders that are directly taken to private homes by the dealer on duty.

So much is the use that is given that, sometimes, disasters are caused by it. In fact, more than because of the state in which the facilities through which it circulates are located. Thus, due to this circumstance, there are various butane gas leaks that end in fires and explosions of a certain magnitude during the winter months, which is when it is used more to cope with the low temperatures that are registered.

Like other gases used in homes, a particular fragrance is added to butane so that people can notice eventual leaks. It is that, in its natural state, butane lacks odor and also color.

Contact with butane involves various risks. If this hydrocarbon touches the skin, it causes frostbite. In case it is inhaled, on the other hand, it can generate from a feeling of drowsiness to loss of consciousness. It should also be noted that a butane leak can cause an explosion with subsequent fire.

It is sometimes confused with propane. However, it must be said that the latter is less dense and that, compared to butane, it has a somewhat higher price when it comes to consumption at home.

In the same way, it must be stated that within the world of fashion people talk about the color butane. This is an attempt to identify the orange color that has the same tone as that of the cylinders used in homes.