Meaning of Cabal

Important to understand the meaning of the word cabal is to proceed to determine its etymological origin. In doing so we discover that it emanates from Latin and more precisely from the word “caput”, which can be translated as “head”.

According to DigoPaul, cabal is something adjusted to a weight or a measure. The term allows to refer to the thing that fits another. For example: “You have to buy an appliance that has the correct size for this type of wall”, “Jorge must make a complete installation of the machines he wants to put into operation”.

This adjective also refers to what is exact or excellent in its class: “Pure Charles is a perfect exponent of the best of the national chivalry”, “He is a writer who is a perfect example of liberal thought.

Hence precisely that there is also the verbal phrase “not being in their right mind.” This is usually used in the most colloquial language and is used to express that a person is not sane, that he has a certain air of madness or that he lacks absolute logic.

In the video game industry, Cabal is the title of several titles. The oldest dates from 1988 and proposes to lead a soldier who must destroy enemy bases. The player has a view from behind the soldier and manages the scope of his weapon, although he can also pick up grenades. The game consists of five levels of four screens each.

More modern is Cabal Online, a role-playing game available over the Internet that is set in a fantasy world. The participant can choose between different warriors and sorcerers.

Cabal, on the other hand, a novel by Clive Barker that was published in 1988. This horror story, whose protagonist is a man with mental disorders, was adapted to the cinema by the writer himself.

“Nightbreed” is specifically the title that was given to this audiovisual production that featured an interesting cast of actors, including Craig Sheffer, Doug Bradley, Anne Bobby and David Cronenberg.

Currently this film is considered almost a cult film within the horror genre thanks to the work of its interpreters and also to the most interesting aspects of the story, as the protagonist discovers, through the sessions with the psychiatrist, that, In addition to a mental illness, he has behind him having carried out the murder and subsequent mutilation of a total of eleven people.

Finally, Cabal is a means of payment system that was created in Argentina in 1980 and currently reaches all Mercosur countries.

In this sense, we would also have to underline the existence of CABAL Uruguay. It is a credit card used in that country that is available both for private users and for companies of different types, and that offers services such as convenient payment, online shopping, assistance service, consultation service or even plans to be able to make purchases based on quotas.