Meaning of Coarse

According to DigoPaul, the etymology of the term coarse is doubtful, although it is believed that it comes from the late Latin word burdus (which translates as “bastard”). Burdo is an adjective that refers to that or that which is rude, uneducated, clumsy or gross.

For example: “The project presented by the ruling party is a crude attempt to obtain impunity”, “The local newspaper published a photograph on its cover that is nothing more than a crude montage.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of an expression that is used regularly in Spanish. We are referring to what is known as a “gross lie”. It is used to express that a lie is not only a lie but also falls under the possibility of being classified as lacking in logic, clumsy or simple.

Thus, it is very common to find that expression in the press collecting the opinions and statements of politicians, for example, alluding to the criticisms that have been made against them from the opposing parties.

In the same way, it must be established that this adjective can be used to express the character or behavior of a person at a given time. A clear example of this would be the following sentences: “The store clerk was really rude in the attention he offered us” or “The neighbor’s husband is totally rude in his dealings with her and with anyone who is in her road”.

In general, something that, according to a certain vision, is obvious or obvious is classified as crude. Suppose an actor and an actress who star in a movie begin to show themselves together as a couple. Suddenly, photographers and reporters find the two dining in restaurants, sharing walks and kissing in public. Although there are people who believe in the love of the couple, for others it is a crude promotional campaign so that all people talk about the film that has just been released. When starting a romantic relationship, the protagonists of the film in question are assured of their presence in magazines and on show programs.

Furthermore, we must not overlook the fact that in some countries, mainly in the Americas, such as Venezuela, the term coarse is used with another meaning. Specifically, it is used as a synonym for a lot of quantity. A good example to understand this use can be this sentence: “I’m sorry but I can’t accept the dessert you offer me. You have already given me a lot of food and I am full ”.

A football game where mistakes and rough play abound, on the other hand, can be defined by a journalist as crude. In this case, the idea refers to the clumsiness shown by the players and the lack of aesthetics or creativity that was evidenced in the development of the game.