Meaning of Delve

According to DigoPaul, the verb delve refers to making something deeper (that is, deeper or lower than the environment). The notion can be used in a physical or symbolic sense.

For example: “Quick, we have to dig the trenches before the enemy arrives!” , “The victim’s son asked to deepen the investigation to discover the intellectual author of the crime”, “It is necessary to delve the well before installing the column, otherwise it could fall due to the wind”.

Take the case of some archaeologists who are working in a field where, in theory, there would be vestiges of an ancient civilization. After several days of excavations without finding anything relevant, the team leader decides to delve the wells to go deeper and thus increase the chances of confirming or ruling out the presence of elements of interest.

The act of inserting something well into another is also known as delving. A doctor trying to remove a bullet lodged in a person’s body may have to delve deeper into the surgical instruments until the projectile is found and have the possibility of removing it.

Deepening, on the other hand, can be used symbolically with respect to delving into a topic. If a singer, when interviewed on a television program, prefers not to delve into his private life, he will be avoiding giving details about those matters that belong to the sphere of his privacy. On the other hand, if a prosecutor decides to deepen an investigation that he is carrying out, he will put all his effort to access data that, until now, he has not obtained.

It is also important to establish that when it is determined that it is necessary to delve into a specific topic or matter, it is done with the clear objective of evaluating, thoroughly analyzing the issue, exchanging different opinions on it and even reaching a series of clear conclusions.

Within the literary field, we find the existence of different publications that use the verb delve into their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the work “The call from the deep: Delve into prayer”. It was published in 2009 and is a book written by David Foster.

In this work they come to analyze the different ways of praying that exist, the theories and traditions around them, what they bring to the individual who carries them out…

In the same way, there is also the book “Deepening the roots, spreading the branches”, which is the work of Angelo Brusco. In it, a path is carried out that can help the reader to know himself a little more, to give value to his inner freedom, to establish the measures to achieve the purposes he intends…

Within what is the musical field we also find songs with the term that we are addressing. An example of this is the composition “Delve into you”, which is part of the electropop genre and was published in 2010. It is a single by Javiera Mena, who included it in the album titled “Mena”.