Meaning of Diver

It called diver to the individual who, thanks to having a special equipment, can perform various tasks under the water. Divers use a particular clothing that allows them to move comfortably in the water and resist low temperatures. They also have equipment to be able to breathe underwater.

According to DigoPaul, today divers wear scuba diving equipment – devices that store breathable gases. With his diving suit, the diver can breathe the oxygen that he carries in one or more tanks. Other elements that are part of the divers’ equipment are the mask, the stabilizer vest and the fins.

Already equipped, divers can dive several tens of meters. The depth and the time of submersion vary according to the equipment used and the skill of the person. You can dive for recreational or tourist, scientific, search purposes or to carry out different underwater activities (such as cleaning the bases of a pier).

A military diver, on the other hand, is a person who is part of the armed forces and who has received diving and swimming instruction. Also called a combat diver, you can participate in missions to infiltrate an enemy vessel or the coast.

Clearly, the diver profession has many applications, making it a tempting job prospect for swimming and ocean lovers. However, while such personal taste is in itself a very important requirement, diving is an extremely demanding discipline that cannot be mastered overnight and requires much more than natural ability.

To become a professional diver, it is necessary to study at an official school and obtain the appropriate certification. Depending on the country and the area in which we are, we can find different organizations, so it is necessary to find out which one corresponds to us.

The second step is to decide the area of diving that interests us the most, and this can be difficult if we have never considered it before. At this point it is recommended to let yourself be carried away by passion and not focus on job opportunities, since all areas can become a profitable profession.

It is important to note that professional diving schools are not usually cheap; On the contrary, not all of us can access these courses, and that is why it is convenient to start saving money early.

A good way to earn money while we prepare to study diving, or in a contemporary way with instruction, is to get a job related to this profession. It is not necessary that it be in a school, nor that it brings us directly closer to the divers: it is enough that it expose us to any aspect of diving to help us in our training.

Having obtained the first diploma, called Open Water, it is advisable to prepare for the second, Divemaster. Until the most interesting job opportunities arise, it is always good to invest in teaching the basic levels, an activity very well seen by employers.

Whatever area of ​​diving we choose, in all of them it is very useful to speak at least one foreign language, either to teach foreign people or to find work in other countries. In the case of Spanish speakers, English always seems to be the best option, although French is also recommended for divers.

It should be noted that a garment is also called a diver. Depending on the country, the notion of a diver may refer to a shirt (sweatshirt), a sweater or a T- shirt (shirt, polo or shirt). For example: “My mother gave me a diver for my birthday”, “I am going to look for a diver because it seems to me that it is cooling”, “You cannot believe it! I stained my new diver with oil ”.