Meaning of Garlic

Garlic is a concept that derives from alĭum, a Latin word. The term refers to a plant whose bulb is used as food. By extension, garlic is called the parts (known as teeth) in which said bulb is divided.

For example: “I always add garlic and oregano to the tomato sauce to give it more flavor”, “It shows that someone has been cooking around here: there is a lot of garlic smell”, “Please, don’t add garlic to the puree because I don’t like it. ”

The scientific name of the garlic plant is Allium sativum. As the onion, the chives or scallion, the scallions or spring onions and leek or leek, garlic belongs to the genus Allium and the family of the Liliaceae.

Native to Asia, garlic has been cultivated for thousands of years. It can reach a height of 40 centimeters and has whitish flowers. As for its bulb, it presents a characteristic smell and is made up of several cloves that form the so-called garlic heads.

According to DigoPaul, garlic is a very popular condiment in much of the world. In fact, there are recipes that are based on the use of garlic, such as garlic chicken, garlic soup and aioli.

It is important to mention that garlic is recognized for several properties that are beneficial for health. Its consumption contributes to cholesterol control, helps reduce blood pressure, minimizes the effects of arteriosclerosis and increases the amount of insulin.

In the same way, we can not ignore that it is also recommended to take garlic for another series of advantages that it brings. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
-It is believed to be a wonderful natural antibiotic.
-Various studies carried out indicate that its intake can help reduce the chances of suffering from cancer.
-It is also recommended to include garlic in the diet because it is a great food to improve blood circulation significantly.
-No less important is that it helps promote digestion.
-In the same way, it is believed that it manages to favor and boost the defenses.

We cannot forget either that one of its best varieties is the so-called black garlic. This is obtained by placing the traditional garlic, white, in a container with sea water to ferment. It is recommended to take it also to prevent cancer and keep cholesterol and tension under control. You should also know that it is considered to be softer, tender and less fragrant than white garlic.

To all the above we have to add that garlic has played a fundamental role in the literature. Yes, because it is the product with which you can repel one of the most terrifying fictional characters in history: the vampire.

Nor should we forget the existence of the expression “being in the garlic”, which is used to indicate that someone is involved in a specific matter.

Garlic, finally, can be a suffix that is added to adjectives or nouns to make them diminutives or give them a derogatory tint: “I am not going to allow this little guy to give me orders. ”