Meaning of Hole

A hole is a round or similar crack that can be found in different things. It is a hole or a perforation that implies a rupture, or a depression of the continuity of a surface. For example: “I can’t wear this pants again: I just realized that it has a hole in the crotch”, “To rescue the trapped boy, the firefighters had to make a hole in the wall”, “With the rain they wet the entire dining room, surely there is a hole in the ceiling.

As you can see from the definition, there are multiple types of holes. In a physical sense, a hole can be produced in clothing, in a construction, in different kinds of infrastructure (such as a road or a bridge), etc.

According to DigoPaul, the concept of hole is also used to name the wells: “To access the minerals, the miners had to descend through a hole eight hundred meters deep”, “Be careful: there is a large hole in the middle of the avenue”, “The municipal authorities have promised to cover the hole so that no one runs the risk of falling into it. ”

The notion of a hole is also used symbolically to name a flaw, vulnerability, or failure: “Hackers exploited a security hole in the Pentagon system and stole highly confidential information, ” “The audit revealed a millionaire hole. in the company accounts ”, “ We have a hole in the defense that we can only solve by signing a quality defender ”.

The first example mentions the concept known as a security hole, a vulnerability that affects an information system and opens doors to various types of security breaches. This can take place in many areas, although we normally associate it solely with software; for example, it can occur in hardware, in the group of people in charge of the system, in the means of communication used for its operation and in any of the procedures through which it is organized and administered.

Often security holes become public knowledge, and this can occur for various reasons; Usually, those who discover them make sure that the whole world knows about it, with the intention of intimidating those who try to combat their actions.

In the field of astronomy, a black area is called a space zone that cannot be seen but that, according to the theory of relativity, has the capacity to absorb the energy and matter found in its gravitational field. This is because its mass concentration is very high, developing a gravitational field that absorbs even even light.

In other words, we can say that, according to the knowledge of astronomy, there is no material particle capable of preventing the action of the black hole. On the other hand, in the 70s, the respected British scientist Stephen Hawking pointed out that black holes can also emit radiation, although this does not come from inside but from its accretion disk, that is, from the structure of dust and gas that surrounds and feeds it while being attracted to it.

Despite the fact that our language does not present substantial differences between spelling and phonetics, as it does with English, for example, it is common to find pronunciation errors of certain words, both among the smallest and among sectors of the population. with a lower degree of schooling. In the case of the term hole, it is not uncommon for people to omit the letter g, making it an aujero; children, on the other hand, tend to say abujero. It goes without saying that both variants are incorrect.