Meaning of Insulator

Insulation is something that insulates. The verb isolate, on the other hand, is linked to preventing the passage or transmission of sound, heat, etc .; leave something separate from other things; remove a subject from dealing with others; or abstract the immediate reality of the senses or the mind.

Within the scope of language, the use of the term insulator is also used. In this case, specifically in the field of Linguistics, the use of an isolating language is used. It is used to refer to all that language that has the particularity that its words are totally isolated from each other, both grammatical and lexical elements. A clear example of this situation occurs in languages ​​such as Vietnamese or even Chinese.

According to DigoPaul, the most common use of the adjective insulator refers to a material that prevents the transmission of something, be it electricity, humidity or something else. Thus one can speak of electrical insulation, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and other types of insulation.

The electrical insulator is the material that is used to cover some element of an electrical installation. Since the insulator is not conductive of electricity (since it does not allow the passage of current), it is used to prevent current from leaving the circuit or contacting the different conductive parts. In this way the safety of the installation is reinforced. The insulating tape used to cover cables is one of the most popular electrical insulators.

In addition to all the above, we would have to point out the existence of what is known as insulating oil. It is a type of mineral oil that is used within the scope of electricity, specifically in what are called high-voltage electrical installations.

The thermal insulator, however, is characterized by its high thermal resistance, making it difficult for the heat entering or leaving a system. In two different media, heat tends to spread and temperature tends to equalize. What thermal insulation does is disable or hinder this process.

Another type of insulation is acoustic insulation, whose function is to prevent sound from entering or leaving a medium. The material is therefore used to reflect or absorb energy, as appropriate. It is common for acoustic insulation to be used in radio studios (to prevent outside noise from entering and seeping into microphones) or in nightclubs (so that the loud sound of music does not disturb neighbors).

We have to emphasize that plasterboard has become a highly demanded material in construction precisely because it is a great thermal and acoustic insulator at the same time. This one, which is made up of laminated gypsum boards, has a multitude of advantages, which have led to a considerable increase in its presence in numerous homes and buildings of different types:
• It is much cheaper than other materials.
• Installs very quickly and easily. It should also be emphasized that it is much cleaner.
• Offers perfect finishes.
• It provides very optimal results both in the elimination of noise and in the achievement of a thermally perfect space and away from the meteorological conditions registered outside.