Meaning of Site Electricity

If you are planning to build your own home or want to renovate a property, you need electricity for electrically operated construction equipment, tools and lighting. Construction site electricity is the ideal solution here. So that the electricity flows on time for the start of construction, it is advisable to submit a corresponding application in good time.

  • Construction site electricity ensures the power supply on construction sites.
  • For a smooth power supply at the start of construction, it makes sense to apply for site electricity at an early stage.
  • The costs for construction site electricity can vary greatly. In addition to the actual energy consumption, the costs for the distributor and electricity meter must also be taken into account.

What is site power?

According to digopaul, construction site electricity means the electrical energy that local electricity suppliers – usually the municipal utilities – make available during the construction phase. Construction site electricity is always used when a regular electricity supply is not yet available on site. So-called site power distributors provide site power. The distributors have their own electricity meter , through which the electricity used is billed according to the amount consumed.

Site power distributors are similar to classic fuse boxes. Nevertheless, they are built much more robustly to withstand the demands and loads that prevail on a construction site. In the distributor there are connections for 230-volt electricity, which also flows from a normal wall socket, as well as connections for high-voltage current . According to the VDE standard (Association for Electrical Engineering), site power distributors must be equipped with several fuses and protected against the ingress of water. A residual current circuit breaker as well as its own earthing via an earth spike ensure safe use of the site power.

How and where can I apply for site electricity?

Applying for site electricity is usually the responsibility of the client. As soon as the appropriate building permit is available, builders should apply for building site electricity to avoid delays. An application can be made to the responsible utility company. These can be local network operators, local energy suppliers or municipal utilities. The responsible basic electricity supplier determines the expected electricity demand after the application has been submitted. Then a technician from the respective utility company connects the site electricity.

To apply for site electricity, you have to fill out various forms and submit other documents. Which exactly these are depends on the respective utility company. It is best to find out in advance which documents are required. The following information and documents are required for the site power application:

  • Connection owner (with name and full address)
  • Connection location (if there is no exact address, the parcel, building area or other information on the location of the construction site must be given)
  • Property owner (if this does not match the connectee)
  • Type of system (for example, home or business)
  • Simultaneously required total power at the grid connection in kW
  • meaningful site plan

Tip : The local network operator with whom you submit the application does not have to be the electricity supplier at the same time. It only enables power access or the power connection. If access or the connection is ensured, you have the option of commissioning an electricity provider of your choice to deliver the electricity. Here it is worth comparing prices from different providers . Construction equipment, especially older models, are often large power guzzlers. Therefore, a few cents per kWh (kilowatt hour) difference often have an enormous effect on the electricity bill.

How much does construction site electricity cost?

How high the overall costs for site electricity are always different. Because different factors play a role. In addition to the actual electricity expenditure – i.e. the pure energy consumption – you will be billed for the costs for the site power box and the site electricity meter. You can buy or rent the equipment. In addition, there are costs for connection, fitting and installation. And last but not least, you should also consider the cost of uninstalling the technology, which has to be performed by a professional. It is best to find out from your local network operator and the relevant electrical installation company about the expected amount of your site electricity costs.

From site electricity to house connection

Once your construction project has progressed, your house can be connected directly to the electricity grid of the relevant utility company. This requires the installation of a standardized house connection box. This is used to supply the house installation. The electricity meter is attached to a measuring station provided in the house installation. In order to complete the changeover to the normal house connection, you need an official changeover date with the provider, which is preceded by a commissioning notification from the relevant electrical specialist.