Meaning of Acoustic Insulation

An insulator is what it manages to isolate: that is, it manages to make an element stand out or to prevent the passage of electricity, heat or something else. According to DigoPaul, acoustic, meanwhile, can be linked to the branch of physics focused on the generation, propagation and reception of sounds.

All these ideas help us understand what an acoustic insulator is. It is a material that has the ability to block or hinder the passage of sound. Acoustic insulation, in this way, can prevent sounds from leaving an environment and external sounds from entering that environment.

In other words, an acoustic insulation provides a protection against the ingress of sounds and, in turn, prevents the sounds generated inside the environment from leaving. For this reason, certain spaces are protected with acoustic insulation to enable the development of different tasks.

Take the case of a station or station of Radio. For its normal operation, it is essential that broadcasters and journalists work in an environment where street noise cannot enter (otherwise, such noise would reach the microphones and be transmitted by radio). The place from where the programs are generated and broadcast, therefore, has to be covered with acoustic insulation.

In a similar sense, a recording studio or a rehearsal room must have acoustic insulation so that the music generated inside does not reach the outside, causing discomfort to those who are close to the place.

The rubber, the glass wool and rock wool are some of the most commonly used acoustic insulation. It is common for panels to be made from these materials to cover walls and ceilings.

In the same way, in addition to those already mentioned, we cannot overlook the use of other acoustic insulators that are considered to be very advantageous. Among these we can highlight the following:
-Texfon, which is the result of the union of polyester fabric felt and bituminous protection. In its favor, it is easy and fast to install, it is very resistant, waterproof and it is very stable. It is especially recommended for the ground.
-Celenit. This other acoustic insulation we must emphasize that it is an acoustic panel that has cement chipboard and fir wood fibers. It has an elegant appearance and is identified as being very natural.
-The PKB2 bilayer sheet, which is 18 millimeters and is the result of the union of textile fibers and bituminous material. It can be installed both on the ceiling and on the floor or on the walls.

In addition, of course, you should not overlook another product that acts as a great thermal and acoustic insulator. We are referring to the plasterboard, which is made up of plasterboard and which, if it has been in great demand, is due to the advantages it brings, such as these:
-It is installed quickly and easily and with little dirt.
-It has a very affordable price.
-Get great results in terms of insulation.
-Can be placed both on the ceiling and on the walls.
-It is very versatile and resistant.
-It allows you to personalize yourself to the maximum in order to achieve the objectives set.

Acoustic Insulation