Meaning of Eagerness

The first thing that we are going to do before entering fully into the meaning of the term eagerness is to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word that comes from Latin and that it is the fruit of the sum of two different parts:
-The verbal prefix “a-“, which is going to be associated with “approximate”.
-The verb “kneel”, which is synonymous with “nail” or “fix”.

According to DigoPaul, the eagerness is the effort, the solvency or the force of great intensity that is applied in a given action. The concept comes from the verb ahincar: hurry up, do something with determination and efficiency.

For example: “The governor-elect promised to work hard to meet the needs of the neighbors”, “I ask you to study the matter hard so we can make the most favorable decision for our company”, “The award-winning writer thanked all the jury ”.

Eagerness is often associated with the energy and strength with which a task is performed or an order is placed. When someone acts hard, they are striving to achieve their purpose and achieve their goal. Suppose a young man decides to study Speech at a prestigious institute that requires the passing of an entrance exam. The boy introduces himself and disapproves. However, he decides to study even more energetically and to appear again: in this second opportunity, he manages to pass the exam and can start his studies.

In this sense, for example, it can be established that a teacher scores lower than expected by his student because the results he has obtained in exams and assignments show that he is not trying hard to achieve improvement. Their lack of spirit and tenacity can be motivated by many causes, such as neglect, lack of motivation, personal problems, learning difficulties, low self-esteem…

For this reason, it is recommended that the student’s parents and the teacher themselves talk to the student to see why their bad grades are due, their lack of zeal and thus be able to remedy the situation in favor of their present and future school.

It is possible to find the notion in different areas. Whoever negotiates hard, works hard to achieve a favorable agreement according to their interests. He who defends his position earnestly, for his part, does not hesitate to assert his position.

It is also possible to point out that something is not done hard enough. A police chief can be questioned for failing to put up a fight against crime. In this case, the lack of diligence supposes an important flaw that affects the work of the police in question.

In addition to all the above, we can emphasize that AHINCO also exists. It is a non-profit organization that belongs to the Cadiz town of Conil de la Frontera. Specifically, under those acronyms is the name of Association for the Integration of People with Disabilities.

There are also different publications that have the word in question in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the book “Ahínco” by the writer from Huelva Eladio Orta.